Final Major Documentary Photography Project Statement

Do Red Squirrels need our help?

I have designed a KS2 Education Pack for schools, that looks to inform the next generation about red squirrel conservation efforts and its national importance. Following extensive research I have targeted my work for a specific age group (7-11) that is the most appropriate for the project and will have the biggest impact. The pack is designed to gain the children’s interest and engage their attention by asking questions and providing hands on activities, working both individually and in groups. This will develop the children’s confidence, speaking and listening skills and also help with developing opinions and explaining and reasoning techniques. My photographs are used in the pack to captivate the children and provide opportunities for them to link images with facts and information that they have learnt, widening their skill set. The images contribute to discussions and questions about what the children are seeing and allow for more in-depth insights whilst also appealing to their love of animals.
I have had to collate my extensive subject knowledge and channel it into one simple pack that children aged 7-11 can access and engage with but are also able to retain the information. I have not been able to simply relay facts to them but have had to find ways to include them in teaching each other and finding out facts for themselves. By always asking questions, I am making the children think about what their own opinions are and challenging their perceptions of the conservation world. Whilst my photographs are a contributing factor to the piece and an allure to teachers who can use them as classroom resources (along with my audio piece), the main focus is the subject. Photography is utilised here to inform and educate. I have a specific audience for my project who I have a responsibility to educate and engage;  the future of these native mammals in the UK is relying on this generation to understand the issue, connect with the conservation efforts and ultimately help save the British red squirrel.

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