Class Presentation

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I’ve found it really hard starting my education pack. I feel very out of my depth and doubting if I can do this. However, after creating a powerpoint (baby steps towards the real thing in InDesign!) and receiving some encouraging feedback from my peers, I feel confident to carry on with a similar style for “the real thing”. I need to change my font from Comic Sans. I’ve done some research and have decided on Sassoon Primary – reassurance is in the name! I am going to stay in contact with the primary school I visited and Vic from Camp Wild to test certain pages on whilst sending the information I am using to red squirrel experts so that I know I am doing the right thing for all angles of this project. I need to be careful with my image selection and need to edit down about 4 hours of recordings into less than 5 minutes to have as accompanying audio for my work – the children voices and engagement with the activities are priceless and I feel compliment my images extremely well.


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