AOP Student Awards

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I also entered the AOP student awards with 3 images. I chose these 3 as I felt that for social media and web use, you could have the image on the left and have text on the right in the blurred backgrounds. As a cover photo on Facebook that would work perfectly. I entered the third image as after looking back at the middle picture, I wasn’t happy with the composition and so cropped it in tighter which I feel looks much better. The first image represents not turning your backs on the red squirrel conservation efforts and the other image touches on their hunger for survival. Again, even if my entries don’t come of anything it has been a really good habit to get into, entering lots of competitions and looking at previous winners so see what judges are looking for. Now that I am working on a project I am passionate about and want to continue with, I feel I can create a body of work that I can take around the world with me and keep developing and expanding on… it can be an archival documentation of the reintroduction of red squirrels back into Britain! I’m capturing history in the making and encouraging a positive future. As my subject knowledge develops, so will my images and my aim is to enter the 2016 wildlife photographer of the year competition with a stronger set of images than I have so far. This is just the beginning…


14. Wildlife Photojournalist: Single Image Award
15. Wildlife Photojournalist: Photo Story Award

Investigate the complex relationships between humans and the natural world through the narrative power of photography. Challenging or uplifting, provocative or revelatory, submissions should remind us how our attitudes, decisions and actions impact the natural world.

Enter photo stories of up to 10 images from which our jury will use its collective experience to select a maximum of six.


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