A visit to Sticklepath Primary School


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After meeting and photographing the school group having a squirrel education day, I went to visit them at their school, to see how the subject was taught in the classroom rather than in the woods. I took in a taxidermist red and grey squirrel with me to show the children the difference in size as they (or the teachers or many people for that matter!) have never seen a grey and red squirrel together. I also took my camera in and voice recorder to gather more primary research for my education pack. I was spending time with my specific target audience and wanted to gather and hold as much information as possible to work with when creating my teaching resource. Whilst my images to come out of the day are nothing to be proud, the experience of visiting the school was invaluable. I actually met my audience in a real life situation and could see how my project would work and impact lives, what the children like to engage with and how much they take in at one time.

I also saw around the classroom walls the kind of phrases to include and what language was appropriate and that the use of colour was paramount to all of the resources on display. There was also a significant lack of photography and so I know my work is filling a gap in the market and that there is a definite audience ready for it when I am! An education pack is perfect for my work, I just need to get over my fear of the unknown and make a successful one now! The teachers at this school have very kindly said that I can email them with questions and are happy to look at versions I produce to see if it would legitimately work as an actual resource for teachers to use. I’m excited to continue with the project and bring all of my knowledge, passion and photography into one easily accessible and informative yet fun education pack for the adults of tomorrow.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.10.15


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