Grey Trapping

The light was beautiful for this shoot. I felt tremendously relaxed and happy walking through the trees, sun dappling on the leaves and the birds chirping – I could never be a studio photographer!! My 3 years on this course has also confirmed that I am happiest and produce my strongest work when I am passionate about my topic and really want to do it and the people involved justice. Its been an eventful journey and it seemed perfect to end up in a sunny woods photographing my dad on a subject thats really important to him and therefore myself. I felt very content and just focused on my camera and subject rather than have my mind wondering thinking of book layouts and facts and figures.

However, I did consider my audience and though it pains me to say it, I won’t be able to use most of these images. Unfortunately I live in a society where animal conservation is confused with cruelty to animals and people with no understanding or education on the matter have very strong minded opinions and often actions that ruin such conservation efforts. I do not want my dad turned into a symbol of hate and so shall not be including many of these photos as they currently are in any publications. His life’s work is saving red squirrels and part of that means culling and controlling the greys, if people cannot and will not understand that then I do not want to leave my dad in the limelight so to speak. Not until as a nation we understand the issue and want to do something about it as a united kingdom can images like these be accepted. I need to find a way of starting this change in mind set.

Grey Trapping Contacts << PDF of contacts

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