The Flock

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Whilst it may appear that I have a new found fondness for pigeons, it is a coincidence that this photo book has also taken my fancy. Once again, the portrait layout has enticed me in and I’d like to try my work out in this format, I feel that it looks bold and straightforward and doesn’t distract from the content within. This book also works extremely well with all the images as full bleed – I have never created an entirely full bleed book before and would be excited but cautious to do so. I’m still not sure what I’m trying to say in the book, other than promote the reds and show the damage done by greys. I don’t yet have an exact target audience in mind either which is somewhat hindering my shooting and progress. Mueller’s work is enchanting and majestic that brings beauty to a rather stereotypically ugly bird; a bird that is often shooed away. It is a story of a mans companionship with these birds, less obvious than most human-animal interaction documentaries but nonetheless a friendship of sorts. It was shot over a year and I feel that my squirrel project will benefit from this length of time too – I am going to continue it after this module ends as I feel I cannot do it justice or in depth enough with such little time left. I have also been inspired by Mueller’s use of multimedia and want to replicate an element of this in my own work. After hearing the children asking questions at the red squirrel talk at Escot Park and engaging with the information they were hearing, I would like to take a sound recorder with me next time and capture the audio to accompany the image. Like Mueller, I could have images (a book), video content on a website, audio and interviews. It’s ability to educate people on the conservation efforts would become much stronger with these added elements and it would reach and interest a wider audience.


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