This was a fantastic day and opportunity. A huge thank you to Charles Dutton for organising the day and getting permission to enter sites and arranging meetings with notable persons in conservation. I learnt an invaluable amount of information on this day and could see first hand the information I had read in various reports and research that I looked through.

I had my book in mind as I was shooting – again I was imagining close up shots that fill double page spreads and contrasting images to words and facts and hard hitting photos but also ‘pretty’ photos. I was trying to tick all the boxes which meant I kind of didn’t tick any… I think I still haven’t found my purpose with this project, I have the information, access and passion, just not a clear outcome, an end goal or a target audience. Its too vague. I want to educate the public on the cause and get support and understanding from people so that they too want to help the red squirrels, I just need to find a way of how to do this with the biggest impact. I want my work to make a real difference.

I’ve got some essential archive images for my project (however it ends up!), of the squirrels habitat, wildlife corridors, natural pine trees and pine tree plantations correctly managed by land owners. I also recored a conversation we had with the head of conservation from Perenco (previously known as BP) and have that on record if I decide to quote from her. Above all I personally have a broader understanding of the Purbeck Project and what it needs to reach the next level (primarily funding and public support/interest). I still need to find an angle and specific audience for my book that will reach a many people as possible and have the desired outcome – support for the control of greys and protection of reds.

Purbeck Contacts << PDF of contacts

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