Exhibition Set Up and Catalogues

This morning Jordan and I collected the classes mounted prints from Squirty Ink and took them up to the gallery where fine art photography met us with their prints also. We then spent the next 2 hours with lecturers Andy and Tony, deciding where each piece of work should go and who’s looked best together etc.


This was a challenging but enjoyable process, one that I am glad I have experienced with the help of two very knowledgeable photographers alongside! I’m glad it was only Jordan and I there for it would have been extremely stressful having everyone offering their opinions and demands. It was also useful learning how to hang our work and teaching everyone else only meant the technique is now cemented in my head and shall be useful in the future! Having to deal with everyones issues and objections or requests was a huge learning curve that Jordan and I were expecting but could not plan for, its been an extremely beneficial experience! I’m looking forward to seeing the gallery in all its glory Thursday night.

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I designed and made the class catalogue for the show which was also an extremely testing yet beneficial experience. Having a deadline for people to send me their information, images, text etc meant I could collate all the pieces together systematically and to a standard I wanted, but it taught that I have to be firm with people and set strict guidelines that people must follow in order for it to run smoothly. I initially looked on the internet for ideas on how to make a catalogue in InDesign and borrowed ideas from different websites (http://www2.rgu.ac.uk/subj/ats/teachingweb/teaching/t27/t27-3-4a.htm) which kickstarted the process and gave me confidence in what I was doing! A classmate (Les) offered to make an online catalogue which I would include a link to in the hard copy – https://wearepjd.wordpress.com – this worked really well as people could have less guidelines online than in the printed version. I also made a price list for all of our works which felt weird but exciting! A real sense of achievement comes over you as you see your work listed for sale in a gallery!

The class catalogue I designed:


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