I have fallen in love.

This book by Ricardo Cases is simply beautiful; I have never seen anything like it. The format, layout, colours, content… all are so unusual and enchanting and compliment each other superbly. I want to produce a book on red squirrels with this same level of energy and captivating content. I’d never in my wildest dreams considered ring bind as a way of presenting a photo book but here it works so well. However, I think done well its fantastic but if you do it wrong, it could be disastrous. I’m not confident enough that my balance of images and facts/figures will work well in this style. However I do like the portrait layout and hadn’t considered that for my own work; now I’m strongly leaning that way. 

I enjoy photographing human interaction with animals and this body of work has struck a cord for me. The love of pigeon racing resonates throughout these images and want my images of the red squirrels to have the same appeal and passion within them. I just need to find my angle and have an end goal to focus my efforts. Without a specific audience it will be hard to impact on anyone, as it wont find its gap in the market. I need to seriously think about who I am trying to get my message across to and whether I want ‘pretty pictures’ or hard hitting facts. It will be hard to find a balance between coffee table book and science book but I need to try! Without any direction, I will not shoot to the best of my ability and I don’t have time to waste opportunities. My photos weren’t strong enough from the Squirrel Accord and I can’t afford to return from a one off event again without any photos. I must be more disciplined with my shooting and try to engage more with the technical side of photography, not just with my subjects!

This book has given me something to imagine and work towards as I shoot, but I still haven’t found my own angle to attack.


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