Exhibition Curator

As one of the two curators of this group exhibition, I have had to not only organise myself, but 17 other people from two different university courses as well as sorting out logistics and timings for the show. I am also creating a paper catalogue for PJD students to give out for free at the exhibition. I took this role on for I felt it would be extremely beneficial to learn these skills before graduating, not to mention looking great on my CV. The role will also give me better understanding of what is required to make a successful show, which I will be able to take forward into my final major project and life after university.

Jordan (second curator) and I delivered everyone’s large prints to be mounted by ‘Squirty Ink’ in Cheltenham and shall be collecting them the morning of the show. I have also been in touch with the university education officer who has put the exhibition on the university website and shall send out to SU staff. So far, this role is teaching me a lot and testing my patience when dealing with a large group of photographers (!) but I am confident my plan in place shall pull through and the exhibition will be a success.


Hi All,

Heres a plan for the exhibition “Hinterland” running for a week from Tuesday 24th Feb. The gallery will be open to the public and manned by students 11am-6pm every day excluding Thursday 26th (opening night) which we are now sharing with Fine Art Photography. Overall there will be 18 people displaying work. Please invite family and friends to the Facebook page ASAP: https://www.facebook.com/events/663301363779684/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

http://gardensgallery.co.uk.109-109-130-53.server20.ourlinuxnetwork.com/how-to-find-us/ <<< a link to where the gallery is

Tuesday 24th – Myself, Jordan and Andy shall pick mounts up from squirty ink 9:30/10am and take them all to the gallery to meet Hannah, Gemma and Tony from fine art. We shall arrange where images will go and need EVERYONE at the gallery at 12 midday SHARP to hang their own prints. We need to have some equipment ready to hang the prints up, Jordan is in the process of finding out exactly what we need! So check your emails again! Victoria Kettlewell to remain till 6pm close. 

Wednesday 25th – Gallery to be manned 11am-2:30pm by Craig Simmonds and Issac Brown then 2:30pm-6pm by Kate Dainton and Iona Berry.

Thursday 26th​ – EVERYONE to meet at the gallery at 9:30am SHARP with all prints/blog/cover sheets etc for hand in and class critique. All bring £5 with you (cash) to contribute to buying food and drink for the show which Ellie RM (plus help) shall buy from Tesco (remember bin liners, napkins etc). Abbie will see if her boyfriend can get us glasses to use, if not we shall buy plastic ones from Tesco. Everyone shall spend the day making the exhibition look professional (with 10×8 prints on display etc) in time for the show opening at 5pm running until 8:30pm (please note later time to suit fine art photography).ALL MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR ENTIRE DAY. Dress smartly for the evening and please remember that we all need to stay to help tidy up at the end.

Friday 27th – Fine Art Photography meeting for their critique. Alex Cicric to man until 6pm close. 

Saturday 28th – Gallery to be manned 11am-2:30pm by Les Curle and Hannah Buckley then 2:30pm-6pm by Phil Ryan and Ellie Reed-Mumford (Ellie arriving at 3pm).

Sunday 1st – Gallery to be manned 11am-2:30pm by Claire Carpenter and Victoria Roberts then 2:30pm-6pm by Abbie Dosell and Conor Pitchers.

Monday 2nd – Gallery to be manned 11am-2:30pm by Ellie Roberts and Lauren Bridges then 2:30pm-6pm by Olivia Kennaway and Jordan King. From 6:05pm you may come and remove prints if you CANNOT make Tuesday morning. Please let myself or Jordan know if you will be doing this.

Tuesday 3rd – EVERYONE to arrive at 10am to take down prints and clear gallery. Keys to be handed back.

What to do now

– ​Check you have sent 3 images (between 2-3MB) to myself with a bio explaining your work in no more than 80 words by Sunday night latest (Sorry Craig please may you cut yours down). Andy and Gemma/Tony shall be writing introductions for the catalogue (Fine Art Photography shall be included also) and I shall be sending out a PDF proof on Monday. It is YOUR responsibility to check that your images, name, number and bio etc are correct, I shall not be responsible for them after print. 

– Everyone send your one MAIN image and bio to Les for the online catalogue. Image to be 72dpi and 1000 pixels on the longest edge.

– Email your full name to Kate plus the title of your work.

– As suggested by Fine Art Photography, we are having a price list for all works on display. Please send me the price you would like your piece to be listed as. Remember to cover your cost and list for slightly higher than you would sell for, this will give you some “haggling” room to reduce to without loosing money if someone is interested.

– Invite people to the opening night and promote the show for the entire week it is running.

Hope I’ve covered everything! Any issues/questions get in touch. 


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