A Trip to The Print Space

I decided that for my final print, I wanted to physically go to the print space and do the process on site. First off they calibrated my laptop screen which has matched my screen colours to the printed colours available. The guy also told me that when I’m editing my photos to have my laptop brightness 4 stops under full brightness as this is the most similar to the printed product. He then downloaded all of the print space colour profiles to my laptop which meant I could convert on photoshop my images for specific paper types. He reminded me to always click “Convert Profile” once I’ve changed profiles else it won’t actually load properly and NEVER click on “Assign Profile”. I got a test strip done on the Matt paper at full size.

When it came out I wasn’t 100% happy with it, the archival photo wasn’t standing out enough, with all its textures lost into the paper, it just didn’t feel or look right and had lost some of its character. Already I was pleased I had actually gone to London and seen this rather than order it online, for there would not have been time or the advice immediately available to me as there was in store. The guys working there looked at it with me and suggested I use Hahnemuhle Pearl to retain that thick texture I was now missing with the Matt paper. I wanted an archival quality to my modern print and Pearl offered me this unlike the Matt. It was really beneficial being able to speak to people about the paper quality, types, advantages etc there and then, which relaxed me and made the process enjoyable and smooth. I decided to use the pearl paper and converted my PSD file to the correct profile then submitted my final image for print.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 15.38.13


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