Preparing for Print

After re-editing Image 17, I was happy with its final appearance and so set about re-sizing it for print. The final image needed to be 75x50cm with a 1cm bleed border for mounting and I personally didn’t want a full bleed image so wanted my own white border PLUS the extra 1cm bleed. To visualise this size, we stuck masking tape on the floor at the exact size I would be printing and this really helped to envisage how my final print would look.

I duplicated my flattened layer onto a white 300dpi 76x51cm canvas and then set about enlarging it. I made sure I enlarged the image gradually so as not to stretch the pixels too fast and therefore loose quality/sharpness, (I imagined it as a rubber band being stretched gradually compared to rapidly and snapping). I also made sure to I used Bicubic Smoother to help with final res quality. I checked the image at “actual pixels” to see if it would be sharp enough and to my horror notice that the left hand side of the image wasn’t perfectly sharp as the right was! I printed out a selected section of the image at actual size on A3 paper and stuck it on the wall, on average people view prints in exhibitions from around 5feet away and so I stood back and looked at my segment of image on the wall. It did not look soft and no major definition had been lost in the print and so I decided that it would still be ok to use as my final image. I think I was so transfixed on getting the framing spot on when shooting, that I let my attention to detail slip when manually focusing the image – a major lesson has been learnt!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.55.03

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 15.09.36

A3 print testA3 Test Print


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