Conflict – Time – Photography

Scan-to-Me from 2015-01-15 145626



Scan-to-Me from 2015-01-15 145353

This exhibition at the Tate Modern was spectacular. Its originality and ability to depict war without actually showing the conflicts was applaudable and most impressive. A truly remarkable experience.

One body of work in particular stood out to me with regards to my Landscape module, that of Emeric Lhuisset. His two photos show exactly the same scene, taken at 5:58am and then again at 1:21pm, a near perfect reproduction. He has not completely aligned his framing and this I feel is crucial for the success of my own work, my photograph must match exactly the dimensions of the archival image in order for my piece to work as an exhibition. Seeing this (whilst the content is a brilliant concept) has highlighted just how precise I must be for it to be as impacting and as successful as possible. In regards to my own exhibition, seeing this layout has got me considering how I could present my images so that they compliment and show each other off as best as can be. It was impacting seeing the before and after pictures together, in the same frames and same size, something I shall need to play around with and experiment with nearer the time.


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