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“How real are our perceived reals? What we the consumers deem make up our day to day lives, that seem so crucial to our happiness at those times, become things of the past very quickly as we move on to the next generation of realities. Are our present reals ever real if they all become a reality of the past? As consumers we are forever drip fed what the real’s of our day to day life should consist of, be it a coffee in the morning or falling in love and getting married- our representations of the real that we deem as reality, are simply fixations of someone else’s realities before us. We consume our real life whilst swearing by its own uniqueness.”

This is an extract taken from my first blog post for “Reflections on the Real”, a journey that has opened my eyes to the consumerist world that we live in today, bringing to light the many positives yet also many flaws in how the modern man and woman are conducting their realities, primarily based on our ancestors traditions and conventions lain before us. From the word go of this module, I have considered marriage as a reality most of us presume shall happen, falling in love and tying the knot is something the majority of people will forecast for themselves when regurgitating their life plans. Yet time has not been kind to the protocol of marriage with divorce rates at an all time high. It has not been a convention for divorce to be included in our so-called life plans; we are not primed for the reality of such events and never prepare or expect it, yet we all (most) expect marriage? You may ask how is it then, that in this modern era of independent woman and free men, all of whom pride themselves in their agreeable perceptions of reality and “how it should be”, are we surrounded by such idealistic ideas and notions. As Shakespeare said “The course of true love never did run smooth” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act I, Scene I. We all know it can’t always be plain sailing for everyone’s reality of love and marriage but we don’t ever presume that it should be our own destiny to lead so drastically on a different course than first imagined.

Within this body of work I have tried to bring to light the harsh reality of marriage, as we know it today. With real words and real photographs of the once in love and happily married, to now tarnished love birds who, if they do not despise each other, are distant reminiscence’s of each other’s pasts, I have put together a montage of truth, wisdom and sometimes advice of those who’s realities did not necessarily meet their expectations. From the pure honesty and emotion that seeps out of the included words like tears from broken hearted eyes, juxtaposed with the physically broken smiles of images from once happy memories, I hope to shed light upon the unavowed reality of marriage and just how fractious it can sometimes be. I do not intend for the piece to be regarded as all doom and gloom for from such hurt there are tales of undivided love since divorce. I am merely collating many peoples stories that illustrate how society has an ideal reality outlined for all of us that we all expect we shall follow, when really that is simply not the case. Each individual reality is its own unique thing and cannot be based upon preconceived ideologies or human convention.


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