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This exhibition was incredibly inspiring, having recently viewed some of Salgado’s work in a small gallery in London I was keen to see more of his images on a grander scale, and where better than New York’s International Center of Photography?! Genesis really made me think hard about my own module/photography, from the research, to shooting, to the exhibition; I could see the process as a whole from start to finish and just how impressive it could be if done right. The beauty of framing correctly, how certain images work better next to other images, the sizes of specific prints in direct correlation with what they depict, the colour and thickness of the frames and of course the content of the frames themselves- how good the photos are!! This exhibition has been my favourite to view for this module and one of the top shows I’ve ever seen, the combination of extraordinary photography and a fantastic cause ( has given me direction again with my own photographic ambitions and given meaning to my work and purpose again. I want to make a difference though photography and it IS possible with enough hard work, determination, patience, sense of purpose and passion.

  • The combination of wide angle shots and close up images works really well and each make the other more impacting.
  • The utilisation of the sky/clouds is very effective, just because it’s not a clear sky (which is often in the UK!) it does not mean you can’t get that breathtaking shot, use them to MAKE my image not prohibit me taking it.
  • Portrait shots can work very well! Don’t restrain myself to only shooting landscape- play around with format.
  • It’s ok (sometimes better) to include people or wildlife in the shots, don’t restrict myself, if an animal gets into the frame take the shot, or seek out an animal, experiment!
  • Sometimes less is more, don’t over complicate the shot, keep it simple and make it impacting.

I also love how his images are making a difference to the world, by promoting the planet’s beauty he is subconsciously forcing people to appreciate the beauty there is out there and how desperately it needs to be protected. Having such a good cause to shoot for means that his passion shines through his photographs and touches the hearts of those viewing- I want my love for Devon to shine through and force people to stop and look at my photographs and the meaning behind them, not simply view and walk past. Salgado’s photographs were mesmerising and have really kick started a drive in me to “shoot like Salgo” (I tell myself) and to copy his methods such as high angle, unique framing, clear and sharp focus and to try black and white. It was very impacting seeing all the work without colour, nothing detracted from the joy of seeing his images first hand and their atmospheric spellbinding beauty was unavoidable. His work has inspired me to experiment more with my photography and to be braver with my shots- if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter, just try again, because if you get it right, you really get it right! It’s sublime.

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Scan-to-Me from 2015-01-15 145011

Scan-to-Me from 2015-01-15 145119


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