Another book layout…

Looking at the previous versions it is clear that the new images add something else to the book and the inclusion of new quotes certainly drives the work and brings to it deeper impressions of married lives. However, my treatment of the images themselves needs to be more carefully considered and worked on. It isn’t currently working to layout the photos as they are – I feel that I need to ‘intervene’ more with them. That is, have I considered fragmenting the imagery? Cropping elements from them – a hand, a look, the smile, etc and then placing these ‘new’ images on the pages so that we view small elements that become animated by the texts and also mitigate against the potential stereotypical wedding photography. I need to consider this so that the work becomes more authored by myself with more critical awareness of the uses of photography. It is still a work in progress and it needs more interruption from myself to elicit a more authored piece of work by refining the view into these lives by imparting a more critical awareness of the potential for the text and images to work together.


Firstly I noticed that all of my alignments were off and that everything was further to the right than it should be so I have changed that now and everything is neat and central. Pgs 4-5 with the mass of quotes was too daunting at that size and all the same font so I have reduced the text to 10.5 leading 12.5 and changed the fonts for different paragraphs (Georgia, Devanagari Sangam MN, Palatino and Corbel) so that it is easier to read and looks less “busy” and intimating on the page! I then moved the picture on pg12-13 immediately after these quotes to open up the work followed by the quote on p14-15. Pg 22-23 text was not really working so I broke up the bullet points and included them as quotes with the rest of the work at the start of the book. As the text was smaller, p35 didn’t work how it was so I made the photo cross the gutter and become a double page spread next to the text which worked a lot better.


I didn’t like p34-35 with the double page spread being so enlarged and wanted to get the full doorway in so opened the image up in Photoshop and created a larger frame with extra black spaces continuing from the shadow of the door so that I could get the correct perspective when using the image in indesign. The text was still too large so I put it at 9.5/11.5 leading, this has meant that it does not align right to the edges of the grid so for now I have repeated some quotes on p5-6 whilst I am waiting for the last few to come in.


p34-35 didn’t have the same boarder as the other pages with images on so I had to re-do the grid preferences on those pages to create the white boarder around text and image so that it flowed as the rest of the book does.


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