New book layout

Feedback from first draft:The draft book does well to really communicate in quotes peoples’ personal difficult/negative experiences of marriage. These quotes are the strongest element of the draft series due to their impact and insights into other lives. Although you have considered how to sequence and place images and text, as it is, the book does not work in its present incarnation. There needs to be a renewed sense of purpose and a decision on how to use the images with text and vice versa. It maybe, that you will consider a book of two halves/sides that reflects the nature of a relationship between two people. One half displaying quotes and the other half with images. This might provide a stronger and more critical context for your exploration and engagement with this subject. Following, the design and layout, particularly the text (see front cover) needs much more enhancement and attention. Try to use a larger book size for the final series and reconsider the type fonts and design ideas. The cover page only needs to display ‘I do’ to signify this subject perhaps? This may communicate more succinctly and allows space (literal and other) for the viewer. Although this is a draft version, the production values can be improved and with more attention to detail. Overall fascinating insights to be further developed and enhanced as above. Consider more interplay between the images too.

I have taken on board the initial constructive criticism of my first draft and have adjusted my book accordingly. I have changed the name of the book and added a front cover photo, split my text between the front and end of book with only a few quotes in the middle, I’ve used a smaller text (size 12) and kept all the words at that size unlike before, I have used font type “Palatino” and used the grid system much more effectively on indesign so that my text is clearer and tighter, looking more professional and is easier to read, I used an online tutorial to help me with this. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 14.07.57

I have also had more quotes and photos come in which I’ve now included and they add an extra level of depth that I didn’t have before. This layout is far more sophisticated and more engaging than the last, however I have already noticed elements that I want to change again for my next draft to further enhance the impact of the words juxtaposed with the images.


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