Landscape Photographer of the Year

Now in its eighth year, the Landscape Photographer of the Year Award was devised by Charlie Waite, one of Britain’s foremost landscape photographers and created in association with AA Publishing. Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 8 features all of the winning and commended images from each of the competition categories. Artists have always strived to capture the unique beauty and diversity of the British landscape, in the 21st century, this small island continues to provide photographers with an astonishing source of inspiration. From classic shots of the verdant countryside of England, Wales and the rugged Scottish Highlands to the iconic structures of Britain’s industrial and urban landscapes, this magnificent collection, showcasing both the very best of Britain and the very best photographic talent, cannot fail to please. Every image in the book is accompanied by the photographer’s personal account of the story behind the picture, in his or her own words. There are tales of chance encounters, snapshots in time where the moment just had to be seized, and of long hours spent exposed to the elements waiting for the opportunity to capture the perfect picture, which all too often turns out to be the final frame of the day.

The images below are a few of the ones that really stood out to me from the book and inspired me to shoot my own images as spectacularly as these. The richness in colour and texture is something in particular I would like to achieve in my own work – almost encouraging the viewer to reach out and touch the view before them. Seeing these images printed in a book and online, really helped me understand how important it is to get my work printed out and to have physically in front of me. Photography was designed to be a hard copy, still image of a moment in history, and only then does an image really show its true colours and beauty. I must make sure I don’t solely rely on how my photos look on a screen, as an exhibition is my goal, it should be the printed photo that takes the lead in my decision making process.


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