Lou Reed’s New York


From sunrise to sunset.

Lou Reed’s New York is a symphony of light and color, a personal eulogy to the city that has been the fulcrum of Reed’s creative world for decades. Comprising over one hundred of Reed’s photographs of New York, the book is an intimate view of what inspires him and what he sees and encounters on a daily basis.

This is a very unique book, one that I have not seen many comparisons too. I love the electric energy of it and obscurity in its surrealistic honesty. Not being afraid to use macro and wide angle with intense attention on certain elements that attract you as the photographer to focus on. The use of light and colour is also very enticing to me – whilst I’ve always preferred using colour I’ve never thought to use it this fanatically with dramatic juxtapositions with darker/blander images (with regards to colour casts). The layout of the book flows very nicely and I like the chronological notion of turning the pages as a day goes by before your eyes. This has encouraged me not to be scared or feel that I have rules to follow- there are no rules only the barriers I create for myself.


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Filed under Landscape: The Social and Environmental

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