“I do”

For one of my modules I have to create and produce a book on aspects of reality, so I have decided to do it on the reality of a wedding v reality of marriage and am also currently focusing on divorce. Having done wedding photography I’ve seen first hand the stress from those involved to get “the perfect pictures” and best representation of the wedding possible, yet no marriage is ever perfect. With your involvement I am looking to get photos of married couples specifically on their wedding day of a bride and groom (or same sex marriage)  looking the happiest they’ve been etc then contrasting that to words written by one about the other now that they are divorced or separated.

For example one person has already written quite extensively and an extract from their quote reads “I was a fool and maybe should have followed my best mans advice who said we could just drive on past the wedding” it is completely up to the individual what they deem to be appropriate/they’re willing to share. The more honest the written words could be the better as the idea is to create an impact by having beautiful photos juxtaposed by the written words of a broken marriage. I shall be keeping the names anonymous and won’t be displaying the wedding photo next to that persons text, I shall be swapping words and images around a) to protect any identities but also b) to create a more universal body of work that others may relate to. My final piece shall not be publicly accessible.

If any of you have divorced parents/family/friends or are divorced yourselves then please could you ask them if they’d be willing to take part in this or if you would be willing yourself! Just need a photo from the wedding and the written words, or message me for more info. Thank you, Olivia.


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