Leggero’s images are undeniably stunning, however what I particularly love about them is the quiet calm serenity exterior masking the angry turmoil of life, waves and activity that is life in the Antarctic. Leggero has made time freeze (excuse the pun) and his images have suspended that millisecond of calm within the storm of animation just long enough for a sense of tranquility to wash over us. We are moved yet spellbound to his photos, finding that our eyes sink into the depths of his stylistic technique and cold unnerving waters before us. I have selected these 4 particular images because of their colour casts- I think these darker, “moodier” photos are the most remarkable and enticing and the most compelling to my own ideas of where my own project is headed. I have not explored creating beautiful landscape images that do not use gorgeous bright colours as an element of the wow factor.

Much like the Becher’s exhibition has made me appreciate black and white photography more, so have these images made me consider working without the colour scheme I am familiar with. I see myself heading in the direction of beautiful and authentic black and white images taken in the winter months depicting devon tourism at its worst- and there for photographically favourable! Naked trees with artistic wood structures, frosty plants, haunting starkness and a stillness most would never assume a hot spot for tourism would ever endure.


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