Challenging social stereotypes

“The images he presents first are the stereotypes, which then vanish to reveal the real person behind the costume. “

Pares uses this interesting and interactive way to showcase his photography whilst highlighting a social problem he is addressing. Whilst this method would not work in a book, it has a powerful effect showing the before and after images COMBINED WITH text, an occurring theme that goes hand in hand with successful bodies of work I have been researching. This dynamically visual piece of work is not only a great way to shine light upon the flaws in our social stereotyping but it also brings to light the question of who is “the real” you. Is it how people perceive you or what you yourself know is your character and capabilities. How much do we let the opinion of others define our true beings? Is this the case within the family too or simply reserved for passer-bys in the harsh light of reality?

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