Sprueth Magers London- Bernd & Hilla Becher


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 14.05.43

Whilst I am not the world’s biggest fan (or even much of a fan) of the Becher’s work this exhibition did allow me to learn to appreciate their images far more than seeing them on the internet or pages of a book ever could. The exhibition also proved to me how much of an impact displaying your images well can have on people and how much it influences how your photography is received by the viewer. Being surrounded by such an iconic set of photographs was impressive in itself- just knowing how much work over the years went into the process as a whole (from shoot to exhibition) was inspiring and gave me a new found energy to shoot my own project with precision and passion. In particular the use of shapes in the Becher’s work really caught my attention and has encouraged me to look for patterns in the landscape- much as they highlighted the beauty of dimensions in man-made structures I want to bring out the natural structures in mother nature’s.

The last four photographs (above) are my favourites simply because I love the bold lines, the planes of symmetry and their striking omnipresence in their stark and powerful marshalling. I felt energised and overawed when seeing these prints “in the flesh” and was really surprised at my own approval and admiration for the work- I never thought I’d learn what it was to fully appreciate and enjoy viewing a Becher piece! The last image was the most memorable to me simply because it reminds me of a snail and consequently holds the rope between man-made and nature, allowing us to connect the two in the most strangest of fashions. I want to find the beauty and hidden formations that the land has to offer us- focusing on the landscape of tourism at Escot Park, Devon- much like the Becher’s found the beauty in their work.



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