his deceptively glamorous images always masking a deeper political and sociological comment



I was not sure what to expect when going to view this exhibition, I knew LaChapelle’s work with celebrities so was unsure of what “Land Scape” would have to offer. I was expecting bright, vivid colours and a flare of eccentricity however I was not expecting what I saw. From afar the pieces just looked like very digitalised and flamboyant landscapes yet the closer I moved to them the more I saw the reality of the situation- they were sculptures, “on closer inspection we realise that these are far from real, rather we notice oddly recognisable objects – mobile phones, cans, egg cartons, drinking straws – a plethora of repurposed by-products of our disposable age – making up gigantic complexly handcrafted scenes”. They were incredible! Every time I looked at an image again I saw something new- I like the idea of making my viewer look more than once to fully appreciate my images, always giving them more. LaChapelle is toying with reality and the human effect on the landscape and environment in a vibrant and enticing way- through captivating photography he is making a political statement that you can’t ignore. I enjoyed seeing his work and was very impressed with the delicacy of it and his underlying messages- I’d like to be able to have subtle yet impacting morals in my own work.


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Filed under Landscape: The Social and Environmental, Reflections on the Real

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