The Place of No Return

Photography links together my memory. It does not limit my memory to the visual .

The melancholic feeling of the undeniable becomes visible.

The soul of photography is the encounter.

If yesterday I photographed silences, today I photograph my own voice.

This trip woven over a memory of lights, flashes, optical illusions, seeks a revelation.

A bridge.

A bridge over the abyss.

A feeling’s visible scenery in step with my emotions.

Today I have the awareness that a way of looking is a way of being.

Photography is a powerful medium.

It leads us to the other side of life.

And there, trapped in its world of lights and shadows,

being only presence, we also live.

Immutable. No sorrows. Our sins redeemed.

Finally tamed… frozen.

On the other side of life, from where there is no return. Shot 2014-09-29 at 20.44.24

“Anything that we look at through the camera generates a revelation. The human eye opens the frame, and the camera fragments the view. It turns it into limited space, fragmented space. And in this fragmented space- the lines, the light the composition- creates a sequence of narrative and expressive elements. For me the photographic exercise starts when I look through the camera, not before.

This incredibly intense exhibition was fantastic- like nothing I have seen before. It’s honesty and acute detail to the unflattering truth was a refreshing yet shocking stab of reality. It shows self portraits taken by Garcia-Alix starting from the late 1970’s until present day (2013); and he hides nothing from us. His images are seeping with emotion, be it from the subjects themselves or from the reaction of the viewer, their harsh light on his reality startles yet entices us, making us question how we have led our own realities. For most (I am assuming) Garcia-Alix’s life is far from what we ourselves have experienced throughout our years, the documentary seems more of a fiction story than a real beings factual life. From the gradual disappearance of his friends faces through the years to his own radically changing physicality’s and the variations of emotional expressions staring back at the camera, Garcia-Alix portrays the life of a man taking each day at a time, never knowing if the next shall be his last.

He describes the dark skyline above his head as “a dense spiders web silhouetted against the sky”, “wires, posts, thousands of black tree branches and their shadows” all trapping him below the possibility of the infinity and unknown above him- trapping him in his own reality. “Their broken shadows. A vibration in my soul. In this light that dazzles me, my yesterday is written. Memories and all that has been forgotten, trapped in this dense spiders web.” Metaphorically he is encompassed by the spiders web as it binds him to the truth of his past and the person he shall be tomorrow. With no promise of tomorrow he is living under this web as it catches his dreams in a spiral of drug fuelled hallucination, allowing them to fly high, so close, yet so far from the real of the present. He is trapped by his own realities whilst he documents the day to day living of himself and those around him. Is this as truer representation of authenticity as you can get or a mirage of a virtual reality, an optical illusion of “the real” Alberto García-Alix?


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