This exhibition brought to light many photographers I was previously unaware of with bodies of work I had no clue existed; some ideas so simple, yet so effective (scanning in day to day objects, yard sales, ageing portraiture, daily life to life-size dolls). This exhibition was a great one to visit first to get me thinking about “the real” and what really is real to us- the life consumers. The stand out piece to me was Hong Hao’s My Things series, printed at an enormous size it allowed you to truly see the finer details in her day to day realities- scanned in objects over the last 12 years of her life all photoshopped together to create one image used to represent her life and what is real to her. Another stand out piece was Rineke Dijkstra’s series Almerisa, a series of portraits over the years of one particular subject. It is almost a visual history lesson on what was fashionable throughout the years and what realities of the time were so important then yet forgotten ten years later. How real are our perceived reals? What we the consumers deem make up our day to day lives, that seem so crucial to our happiness at those times, become things of the past very quickly as we move on to the next generation of realities. Are our present real’s ever real if they all become a reality of the past? As consumers we are forever drip fed what the reals of our day to day life should consist of, be it a coffee in the morning or falling in love and getting married- our representations of the real that we deem as reality, are simply fixations of someone else’s realities before us. We consume our real life whilst swearing by its on uniqueness.



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