Ethiopian and Sudanese tribes

Whilst this is not the best edited or shot video there is out there, it shows individuals lives and cultures that perhaps we knew nothing about before in an eye opening and factual way. I feel a part of the tribes whilst I watch (having been to Ethiopia to teach sport and English Literature to children out there I feel a sentimental attachment to the country anyway) and believe that this depiction of their lives, whilst may not be everyday activities per say, allows the viewer to feel aware of their culture and appreciative perhaps. Maybe one day someone will be able to look back at my photos of the everyday and feel educated on a culture they knew limited things about before too. This “thing” of documenting life before you as it happens has the ability to educate, inform and even entertain others viewing the medium who can then try and relate or see differences of their circumstances to the ones they have just seen. It is fascinating to know that whilst you may believe your life is “boring” and “nothing out of the ordinary” to someone else it is the most interesting and fascinating thing they have seen in a long time! It is all down to the individuals own perspective on life and cultural understandings. With my images whilst they may seem mundane to me occasionally, to an outsider of my life and culture they are just as original as Ethiopian tribes jumping over cattle to me! The images below are another example of this. The every day tattoos and scars these individuals mark themselves with are common place amongst them yet to myself (a British citizen) it is something I have never come close to! Their every day is beautiful eye opening to me and thus demonstrating that my film work could have the same affect on others, I just need to keep documenting life as it genuinely happens before me and the images will follow.

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