Latest Book Reflection

Whilst this is definitely my strongest draft it is still not finished. One thing I’ve noticed that is now glaringly obvious to me is the lack of emotion in my photos. Be it joy on a good day when a horse has won, nerves before a race, misery when someone has had a bollocking or got something wrong, smiling through it all because they are doing something that they love in the foulest of weather, and the interaction between human and horse (which I have already largely captured), I just need something more. A real sense of genuine emotion of life in the yard. I need to look back through my shots or go back and capture that image that shouts anger, happiness, joy, passion, despair, feeling… just something to give a little emotion and heart to my book. I also need to remove 2 images, the tractor image from spread 3 as (despite me liking the layout) doesn’t work with the sky colours of the other two photos, they will be stronger alone and the image of the horse out the car from spread 11 as its not as strong as the image before and doesn’t add anything new to the story I am telling. I need to reduce the size of my name on the cover and the “with thanks” at the end. I also need to look at other photo books and see how they layout their introductions and what I should put on the back cover of the book.


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