In An Instant: Photographs by Fred Stein

Jewish Museum Berlin

I went to visit this exhibition in Berlin over Christmas and it truly has been an inspiration second to none. The Jewish Museum was a remarkable building in itself, the architecture of it an exhibition alone. However the history that was exposed to me made “In An Instant” that bit more outstanding and breath-taking. With so much conflict and persecution happening around Stein, it’s an emotional amazement that he was able to flee the situation and make good of the cruel position he and his wife found themselves in. The images themselves are remarkable and most heart warming, their spontaneity, composition, ability to capture a genuine moment in history worthy of the utmost appreciation and respect. Fred Stein has done what thousands wished and wish they had; he has produced images that not only tell his life, the subjects life and share a little segment of history but images that still to this day are being remembered and celebrated for their exquisite ability to educate and delight any viewer who looks upon them. His work (that I feel honoured and privileged to have been able to see first hand) has inspired me enormously and set me off in the right direction with the ambition to shoot like Stein.



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