Art of darkness

Art of darkness: Animals display their sinister sides as they pose for moody black and white portraits

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 13.23.50“Photographer Alex Teuscher pictured a range of exotic creatures including tigers, rhinos and elephants with his artistic project which took him more than two years to complete.”

This black and white project demonstrates that whilst some bodies of work are meant to be spontaneous and quick, others need time and careful planning to produce the best results. Whilst I shall be shooting in the spontaneous category I agree with Teuscher that the black and white really enhances his work and gives it a much deeper meaning and sense (“My aim was to show the magnificence of these animals and capture a little bit of their soul. The black and white brings out their personality in my opinion.”) I usually stay away from black and white as I much prefer the richness of colour but after seeing this work (despite being digital rather than film) I am excited to try out the black and white medium on subjects I would usually always shoot in colour. It has filled me with confidence that such beautiful images one personally would expect to see in bold colours look so magnificent in deep black and white tones. It does not phase me at all now that I shall not be working in my preferred way, on the contrary I feel quite impassioned about the task ahead!


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