The Document

My proposal for this module is:

I’m going to shoot “The Uni Student” and document my life as a student in Cheltenham 2014. As captain of the basketball team, living in a pub, regular nights out, scuba diving, part of the shooting club, working in the boxes at the race course, training for the London marathon and 10k extreme assault course, going to a 21st in Ireland, general day to day life and of course studying I think I’ll have a huge scope to work with giving me plenty of opportunities to capture variety and interesting shots. I struggle a bit with film so having an accessible subject (myself) I’ll be able to concentrate on the technical side of things rather than seeking a subject. I’ll take the camera around with me and it’ll become second nature!
This emotionally beautiful document of this elderly couples life has reinforced that having your own life as the subject can produce a very powerful piece of work indeed. People can relate or emphasise or compare or laugh or think “thank god thats not my life” but they all generate emotion towards your work which makes it memorable and interesting.
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