2nd Book Draft

Second draft for Hard Hats and Horses, a definite improvement from the first but still a lot more editing/work to do. Really helped looking at other successful photo books and getting inspiration from them. I need to change the font of the front cover (not professional enough looking) and I still need to add quotes/text. I think it works better not having a sunrise image on the front cover as they were used too much in my first draft which made them rather “samey” and uninspiring, rather than a beautiful one off element to the day. Towards the end of the book I have too many double page spread images/large impacting images that then ironically means they lose impact. I need to adjust that and spread them out more or just keep a few big and make the others smaller. I also need to do something to the back cover, perhaps a portrait of all of the yard hands (or I could have that as an index). I’m happy now with the images I have included and feel I have a good variety of shots that really cover all aspects of life on a racing yard.

Hard Hats and Horses (2)


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  1. Lucy

    Lots of great shots! xx Lucy Kennaway Escot Estate Escot Park Ottery St Mary Devon EX11 1LU Call: 01404 822188 Mail: laptop@escot-devon.co.uk Web: http://www.escot-devon.co.uk Video: http://www.escotcampwild.co.uk/ Twitter: @EscotDevon To Sign Up for our new E-Newsletter please drop us a line at escot@escot-devon.co.uk _____

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