The Horse Photographer

Matthew Seed’s images are in a category of their own. Whilst their fine art quality is very different from my style of shooting their composition and perspective is very relevant to me and my work. They’re incredibly inspirational photos that set the bar high. Some of his compositions I would never have even thought of! It gives me confidence in myself to see such adventurous and original photography with horses and know that I am capable of such things and it is possible! I just need to persevere and experiment more, trying new angles, heights, camera settings and times of day. BE BRAVE! If work this beautiful is being created I need to make my own mark and create just as memorable images as these. I do not want to create similar looking shots, merely gain confidence and ideas from Seed’s work and make my own twist on composition knowing that its doable. I would not be able to make my images as angelic as his, primarily because that is not what my body of work is about. I am portraying reality whilst Seed’s work almost touches on fantasy, they’re crisp beauty so pure it doesn’t seem real.

The below images are the ones that I feel are most relevant to my work and the ones that I can gain most from after seeing them.

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Click here > Gallery < for all images.


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