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Book Layout Reflection

After looking again at my new layout I’ve realised I need to address several things:

1. A little too much repetition.  If I include more than one frame from the same vantage point I need to try to vary the feel and pace of the images.  If one is big wide landscape with horses coming up the track, crop the second one really tight to focus on expressions and detail.  Too many photos of groups of horses travelling slowly on the gallops that are too similar.

2. When laying out a double page spread, I need to think about where the gutter of the book has to run.  If need be, offset the image (it doesn’t have to fill both pages), or recrop the image to make it work.

3. One or two images are a bit simplistic (50mm centre of frame) see if there is something stronger to use instead.

4. Swap the order of the last two images.

5. Reformat text on first page and make picture bigger.

6. Quotes are too large and try not in italic. “With thanks to everyone…” text much too big.

7. The board (bible) pic and fish bowl images try them bigger.

8. Large double page spread of stable lad’s face resize so gutter not though his eye.

Also I need to think about the overall message which comes across a bit negative at the moment.   It is fine to make the point that its bloody hard work for hardly any money, and as a result there is a high turnover of staff, but if I dwell too hard on that point, my images don’t really back it up.  Overall the tone of what I have produced image wise is optimistic, and generally upbeat.  I think the words need to reflect that whilst also making the point that its not for everyone (otherwise why does anyone at all stay in the industry).

I need to be bolder with the layout!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 16.06.33 Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 16.06.46


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New Book Edit

The newest version of my “Hard Hats and Horses” photo book. I have now added quotes/text and slightly adjusted the layout. My words still need work/editing and I need to slightly adjust the positioning of them. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Hard Hats and Horses (4)

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Art of darkness

Art of darkness: Animals display their sinister sides as they pose for moody black and white portraits

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 13.23.50“Photographer Alex Teuscher pictured a range of exotic creatures including tigers, rhinos and elephants with his artistic project which took him more than two years to complete.”

This black and white project demonstrates that whilst some bodies of work are meant to be spontaneous and quick, others need time and careful planning to produce the best results. Whilst I shall be shooting in the spontaneous category I agree with Teuscher that the black and white really enhances his work and gives it a much deeper meaning and sense (“My aim was to show the magnificence of these animals and capture a little bit of their soul. The black and white brings out their personality in my opinion.”) I usually stay away from black and white as I much prefer the richness of colour but after seeing this work (despite being digital rather than film) I am excited to try out the black and white medium on subjects I would usually always shoot in colour. It has filled me with confidence that such beautiful images one personally would expect to see in bold colours look so magnificent in deep black and white tones. It does not phase me at all now that I shall not be working in my preferred way, on the contrary I feel quite impassioned about the task ahead!

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Tiger Cub

Just because its adorable!Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 16.41.49

Cute Tiger Cub

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If you’re in London…

An illustrated talk by award-winning photographer Nick Danziger.

His book, The British (2001), was selected by The Sunday Times as one of its Photography Books of The Year. He has since travelled the world taking photographs and making documentary films, and has become one of the world’s most renowned photojournalists. Nick has spent much of the last 25 years photographing heads of state as well as the world most dispossessed and disadvantaged.

PhotoVoice Presents: ‘An Evening with Nick Danziger’

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Montana Ranch

Some more inspiration with a variety of new perspectives for me to consider when completing my own story on the racing yard (rather than a ranch). Particularly like 1, 3 and 7, they are the ones most accessible to me and my style of photography.

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The Document

My proposal for this module is:

I’m going to shoot “The Uni Student” and document my life as a student in Cheltenham 2014. As captain of the basketball team, living in a pub, regular nights out, scuba diving, part of the shooting club, working in the boxes at the race course, training for the London marathon and 10k extreme assault course, going to a 21st in Ireland, general day to day life and of course studying I think I’ll have a huge scope to work with giving me plenty of opportunities to capture variety and interesting shots. I struggle a bit with film so having an accessible subject (myself) I’ll be able to concentrate on the technical side of things rather than seeking a subject. I’ll take the camera around with me and it’ll become second nature!
This emotionally beautiful document of this elderly couples life has reinforced that having your own life as the subject can produce a very powerful piece of work indeed. People can relate or emphasise or compare or laugh or think “thank god thats not my life” but they all generate emotion towards your work which makes it memorable and interesting.
Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.27.34

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