Magazine Mock Up (1)

Birmingham Living Mag (1)

I have created a first draft magazine layout for my Birmingham/dementia work. After researching several Birmingham based magazines such as Scene Birmingham (more about fashion, music and nightlife but very eye-catching and bold magazine layouts, perhaps ‘too much’ for my more serious and sensitive story), Area  (a more conservative and mature magazine, focuses on culture in Birmingham and artistic topics rather than health) and Insight Magazine  (whilst they have a good local story on page 20 about cancer in the west midlands the magazine as a whole still focuses more on local products and events and opportunities rather than individuals) I have decided the most appropriate one for my article is Birmingham LivingBirmingham Living has a lot of local stories which focuses on individual’s or organisations/businesses so Sunrise would definitely fit in, the magazine is about educating its readers about whats going on in their home town and sharing stories that perhaps otherwise people would not have heard about/be interested in so a dementia in the area story would be appropriate for Birmingham Living and its readers.


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