Small Town Inertia

This collection of various photo-stories clearly show that the photographer (J A Mortram) has spent a huge amount of time with his subjects and has emerged himself in their lives in order to truly document their stories honestly and to the best of his ability. This amount of time he has invested in this body of work is very apparent and lacks in my own dementia photo-story, in order to truly represent my subjects I would need to spend a considerably more amount of time with the residents of Sunrise. I this Mortram’s MARKET TOWN : SIMON : LIVING WITH EPILEPSY is the most relevant to my work and really shows how successful you can be as a photojournalist if you put the time in and commit to documenting a story that runs its course rather than trying to tell a long and complicated story in a short amount of time, which is primarily what I am doing. Mortram’s work is how you should shoot for a story as complex and intricate as the one I am telling with the residents at Sunrise, for a full documentation and reality check on the subject. However as mine is for a magazine article it does not need to be as detailed as Mortram’s as I have a limited amount of time to tell it, but if I were to do it again or continue I would have to document it for several months rather than weeks in order to really give a strong overview and honest representation of these residents living in the Uk’s second largest city with dementia.

Simon’s story:


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