The Knacker’s Yard

A disturbing photo story by Piotr Malecki documenting the “surplus horses” in Ireland after the financial crisis meant many people abandoned their domestic horses and left them for dead, particularly in an area known as the “Dunsink Tip” on the outskirts of Dublin. These images are far from beautiful; creatures that usually make striking and elegant “models” are being photographed in their downfall, if not already deceased. Not many people are used to seeing these animals depicted in such terrible states/conditions and the result is an emotion of shock and revulsion. Whilst the images are framed well and have good lighting etcetera the content of them makes them almost impossible to appreciate or like, some of the less harrowing shot’s can almost be aesthetically acknowledged but still not admired. In terms of my photo story with horses, what I can take from this is some of the framing ideas (particularly like the one shot from inside the car) and use of movement in the images but otherwise the content and actual story are too far from the truth for my own work, it is very hard to relate to it and frankly I am glad I can’t! The horses in Kim Baileys yard are looked after and cared for impeccably, the workers cannot be faulted.

The Knacker’s Yard


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