Sunrise Edit

I need to cut these 23 images down to 8 that best illustrate my experience at Sunrise and represent living life “in the moment”. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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2 responses to “Sunrise Edit

  1. Izzy Stribling

    Liv Kennaway you are so very talented. My favourite pictures from your latest shoot are the one of two people holding hands, a couple laughing and another where some are looking at a photo reminiscing.. And you can’t beat the smiley gentlemen with the dog! Good luck with your project 🙂 xxx

  2. Nikki Bradshaw-Smith

    Some great ones here Liv! Like the ones of the couple..he has a really expressive face…especially the one in their room standing by the sofa…did they really meet at sunrise? Also like the scrabble board group, the jigsaw and the group of four round the table. Have to say I like the synchronised tea drinking too! Good luck …Nikki xx

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