A visit to Sunrise

Click on my Edit One to see the first images from my Birmingham shoot. I am now in the mentality that perhaps instead of focusing on who the residents were I should focus on who they are now. Many of the residents have Alzheimer’s/dementia and cannot remember the sentences they’ve just said to you. Perhaps society dwells too much on the past and future and we forget to live in the present. I want to focus on “living in the moment” however short lived that is. As long as you’re happy at that second and enjoying life there and then for many of the residents thats all that matters. “This is now”, “This is my moment”, “Hello nice to meet you” (many forgot you had already met) are all the sorts of lines/titles I’d like to work with. Too much goes missed these days and is over looked, I should celebrate being in their presence and speaking with them, just to enjoy each others company. One gentleman called David (wearing the poppy) said to a lady there about myself “She’ll go far, she called me handsome” and its moments like that that I want to capture and hold on to- not forget and never retain.

Sunrise fundraise a huge amount for the Alzheimer’s Society.


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