Photo Story Links

Dont Call me Urban. 

Great photo story showing some of London’s youth in the Grime scene. Great access for photos mean images are intense and personal portraying a realistic and true picture of the subjects.

The kids are all right

An intimate and joyful photo story of children growing up in Liverpool. Children are wonderful subjects but of course nowadays are hard to access. This photo story captures moments that would otherwise be lost in a child’s memory. Full access = better photographs.

Photographing Byker

Once again, this shows if you build peoples trust you get the better photographs. Wonderful shots of Byker and the residents, they were comfortable and used to having the photographer around. Repetition until it becomes the norm.

  • These three examples of work demonstrate that the more trust you gain from your subjects the better photographs you will get. If they let you into their lives with full access the ability you then have to capture the truth in every essence of their culture is acute. Trust and respect on both the photographers side and subjects side is key to a successful and meaningful photo story.



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