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Sunrise Edit

I need to cut these 23 images down to 8 that best illustrate my experience at Sunrise and represent living life “in the moment”. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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Sunrise 2

I spent the day with a delightful couple who met here at Sunrise and are now engaged at 86 and 84. They kindly invited me to have lunch with them and we spoke for hours, it was wonderful! Both suffer from short term memory loss but “take the mick” out of each other about it and constantly joke around and purposefully confuse each other. They said “we just take one day at a time, its a great way and place to be spending the end of our lives, God forbid we get to 100 though!” They were such joyous people to be around and really highlighted true love and happiness living in the present. Click here > (Sunrise 2) for contact sheet.

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A visit to Sunrise

Click on my Edit One to see the first images from my Birmingham shoot. I am now in the mentality that perhaps instead of focusing on who the residents were I should focus on who they are now. Many of the residents have Alzheimer’s/dementia and cannot remember the sentences they’ve just said to you. Perhaps society dwells too much on the past and future and we forget to live in the present. I want to focus on “living in the moment” however short lived that is. As long as you’re happy at that second and enjoying life there and then for many of the residents thats all that matters. “This is now”, “This is my moment”, “Hello nice to meet you” (many forgot you had already met) are all the sorts of lines/titles I’d like to work with. Too much goes missed these days and is over looked, I should celebrate being in their presence and speaking with them, just to enjoy each others company. One gentleman called David (wearing the poppy) said to a lady there about myself “She’ll go far, she called me handsome” and its moments like that that I want to capture and hold on to- not forget and never retain.

Sunrise fundraise a huge amount for the Alzheimer’s Society.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A collection of extraordinary and beautiful photographs that take your breath away. My favourite (below) is hauntingly beautiful, a foreboding episode held in a moment of tranquility, the calm before the storm.

lesser noddy caught in a colossal spider's net

One day my image will be there.

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Documentary Perspective

I came to Cheltenham last year (Sept 2012) and started job hunting as soon as I could. I ended up finding a job at Cheltenham racecourse working in the 5th level boxes where I have been ever since. I had (and have) no background with horses and wasn’t particularly interested in the sport, nor had I ever watched a race before! However since spending a year working in the boxes with an incredible view and enthusiastic clients, I have slowly come to understand and enjoy the culture a lot more. I was also extremely privileged to work with a wonderful lady called Jane who looks after horses herself. Her son Sam is desperate to become a Jockey and works in Kim Baileys yard with many other aspiring jockeys. I left Cheltenham and returned home to Exeter for the summer and decided to give Clare Balding’s new book a go (I had been given it for Christmas). I can honestly say it was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read and I just couldn’t put it down. Her words made me really aware of how lucky I have been with the opportunities I’ve had at work and understand that there is so much more to horse racing than I ever knew. I found myself becoming passionate about a subject I had always ignored! I’m not saying that I want to own a horse now or start racing but I feel so much more educated and appreciative of the sport. I tweeted her once I had finished the book and was thrilled to get a reply from her! A truly remarkable woman. I am going to document Sam in his yard and Kim Bailey’s yard along with other yard workmen and women and try and capture the unseen side of the glamorised ‘horse racing persona’. The struggles young jockeys face and the hard work that is put in behind the scenes to bring us the beautiful sport we love to watch but do not perhaps fully understand (like myself). The “unsung heroes” of the racing world is what I’d like to focus on.
Kim Bailey
Clare Balding

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Birmingham Trip

Some links to follow up my written notes after I visited Birmingham…

Handsworth Culture Swap: With Vanley Burke


A figurehead people of Netherton are very proud of.

Black Country Living Museum

Link below shows the sheer number of places of worship on ONE road!268!!

Places of Worship in Soho Road, Midlands

PLaces or worship

Sights of interest to me:

Library of BirminghamThe Library of Birmingham


Care Homes Birmingham Area – Full List

Ones that stand out to me:

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Photo Story Links

Dont Call me Urban. 

Great photo story showing some of London’s youth in the Grime scene. Great access for photos mean images are intense and personal portraying a realistic and true picture of the subjects.

The kids are all right

An intimate and joyful photo story of children growing up in Liverpool. Children are wonderful subjects but of course nowadays are hard to access. This photo story captures moments that would otherwise be lost in a child’s memory. Full access = better photographs.

Photographing Byker

Once again, this shows if you build peoples trust you get the better photographs. Wonderful shots of Byker and the residents, they were comfortable and used to having the photographer around. Repetition until it becomes the norm.

  • These three examples of work demonstrate that the more trust you gain from your subjects the better photographs you will get. If they let you into their lives with full access the ability you then have to capture the truth in every essence of their culture is acute. Trust and respect on both the photographers side and subjects side is key to a successful and meaningful photo story.


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