Self Portrait

It’s all well and good breaking apart a portrait of some unknown model in a glossy magazine and unconsciously judging and analysing them but how about a portrait of yourself? Here are seven photo’s of myself that I have chosen to have as a ‘display’ photo for my private Facebook page. I am going to analyse how these images depict me and how I think they make me come across to strangers.  I am also going to ask people what impression they get of me from just looking at those images, as they would a person in a magazine.

Self Portraits

I chose to represent myself through these images as believe they depict me as someone who doesn’t take life too seriously, someone who has a lot of fun with a wide range of activities/environments and someone who doesn’t spend hours photoshopping themselves specifically for Facebook. I want people to see me as a genuine fun person who is willing to have a laugh whilst making the most of opportunities that pass me by. There is a sense of elation about this set of photos with an aura of being privilledge. However, I am a very sporty person and without the top right image this does not come across at all in these photos. I also don’t appear particularly intelligent in these images, there are non showing an academic side to me. I appear as though I like to dress up, perhaps trips to the theatre and dinners out come to mind of the people viewing these. I don’t think I appear (without the top middle shot) vain in these, I must come across fairly down to earth. Yet I do not come across as if I’ve ever done a hard days work in my life- which is not true. It makes me consider how I am putting myself across to strangers and what assumptions they must make of me.

External opinions:

  • All seven pictures make her seem extroverted and extremely social, with the pictures on the top right and bottom left exemplifying this side of her personality. The picture in the center of the top row, along with the photo in the top left, make it seem as though she enjoys life both behind and in front of the lens. And finally the pictures of her all zombified, of her bent over on a car and of her smiling in a tent show her to enjoy simply spending time with friends just like any normal person.
  • She appears confident and doesn’t care about others views or opinions of her. She appears to enjoy the outdoors and is adventurous and carefree. She also comes across as very happy.

My student ID card photo (pictured first) and two other display photos with individual objective feedback: personal pic feedback


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