Portrait Recreation



  • The lighting conditions were not perfect on the day of the shoot, typically the sun went in just as I set up the shot and therefore I lost the warmth of the sun rays in my recreation picture, although I am fairly certain Nicole was in a much more tropical place than the south west of England! I did not want to use a reflector as in the original photo there are no highlights in her eyes, something the reflector would have created.
  • My camera angle is not correct, something I only noticed when viewing on my laptop. The angle is too high giving a zooming effect resulting in Tabby’s arms looking bigger than they are and out of perspective. Nicole is very subtly looking up at the camera whereas I have my model looking slightly down.
  • I should have cropped my photo in tighter to Tabby’s head for a more accurate recreation.
  • My depth of field is too shallow, I shouldn’t have had the trees in the background in focus. They take away from the key point of the image (the model) and are therefore distracting.
  • The main issue with my recreation shot is my lens choice. I should have been further back using an 85mm-150mm rather than my 18mm-105mm, my focal length was 22 which on reflection was far too close up. With a longer lens I would have gotten a neutral perspective (her arms not distorted in size)  and therefore the compression of it would have been more realistic and flattering, much like the Nicole Kidman shot.

After I took the shot I needed I also took some photos without Nicole Kidman in mind which I much preferred doing, I do not like having to copy someone else’s photographs so I much prefer the images below…








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