Dying out or just evolving?

During recent years, our country has been hit hard by the recession. There have been stories constantly about businesses closing down and sectors of the market severely suffering. It seemed to many that we were approaching what could be the end of the pub age.
With rising taxes on alcohol and since the enforcement of the smoking ban, many have been worrying that the public house business would lose too much revenue from a lack of customers not being able to afford to drink in their pub.
However is that really the case? Although many pubs have shut down and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an old English pub, are they dying out or just evolving.
It could be that people no longer want to drink in a dark and dingy environment, where there’s no Wi fi or Sky tv. With technology making its way into the hearts of everyone’s lives maybe it has become essential for pubs to now offer Wi fi, so customers can use their beloved tablets and smartphones.
Traditional English pubs will have suffered in recent years against other bars and pubs that show Sky sports. It is evident that every time a big game is on in the football calendar or a international rugby match is taking place, a pub showing the game will be packed to the rafters.
It seems that even just showing the game is no longer enough with some pubs going further and showing more than one match or even advertising the fact they show it in HD or even 3D.
So it appears that in fact pubs are not dying out, but evolving. People were once satisfied by a pint and a chat with a friend or neighbour, but nowadays it seems we want and expect much more.
Having the game on is essential for a man of the family, with fine dining in a classy modern establishment for the lady of the family, Wi fi for the kids to play on their phones or tablets with maybe even a play area outside.
Pubs no longer have to cater for just the tired worker, for a 5 o’clock pint. They need to cover for business meetings, family outings, a good environment for many to gather and watch the game and it seems even more they must be able to offer good food.
So it seems maybe the days of the old traditional English pub are fading but there is still hope for the future.

Photos to follow soon…


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