My favourite photo of mine that I took in Paris over the weekend.

On friday 16th November I went to Photo Paris, it was created in 1996 and is the most prestigious art fair dedicated to historical and contemporary photography, it takes place annually at the Grand Palais (which was spectacular). I felt very small and insignificant surrounded by so many incredible photos and photographers, would be a dream come true to ever get any of my work in there! The work of a South African photographer called Mikhael Subotzky really captured my attention, his images were mesmerising, I could have bought all of them (if I’d had several hundred thousand euros on me). On some of his frames he would smash the glass (which apparently took hours and hours to do as he had to be extremely careful not to smash completely through the glass, merely crack it so it formed exquisite markings) which to me represented fragmented South Africa post apartheid. I wish I’d bought his book whilst I was there, definitely a Christmas list item.

Admirers of Mikhael Subotzky exhibition


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