Out of the ‘comfort zone’

Comfort Zone:  a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control.

As stated in my “A Source of Inspiration” post, I felt that my shots were ‘too safe’ and that I needed to try techniques that I haven’t before. Things such as shooting off the hip, candid shots and using the light more etc and so that is what I tried to do with my most recent shoot at Cheltenham Collage. I tried to go down to the children’s level and communicate more by not having the camera in their face but taking random photos here and there as I interacted with them, ignoring the view finder. Through this I feel that I have broken some hidden fear of sticking to what I know and am now much more comfortable in myself as a photographer. The kids at the collage are forgiving client’s so I’m ready to get back there with my new found confidence and just take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.


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