Whilst in London I also visited The Photographers Gallery ( where there were various exhibitions on different floors. One particular room held the “FreshFaced+WildEyed2012” exhibition which University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, MA Photography graduate Helen Goodin featured in.

“A defining factor of Goodin’s practice is questioning what photography is and what is key to the production of the photograph. Her answer is light. She experiments in the darkroom make images and play with light onto the surface of photographic material.” [see website above]

In comparison to the pre 21st century photographer Maurice Broomfield, this 21st century photographer has not captured my attention for the right reasons. Her images taken from the series Source displayed in the gallery did not intrigue or captivate me nor did they impress me like Broomfield’s work did. Her photographs (whilst have an interesting concept behind them considering the nature of light, its changing behaviors) in my opinion represent where photography has gone wrong over the centuries, in the sense that we as society now call her work “photography”. 50 years ago her circular images would have been scoffed at and moved aside in favour of images showing the real life world and its contents taken to fulfil people’s hunger for new information and insight into their rapidly changing planet. Now however, due to people’s acceptance of ‘the artists unconventional mind’  images like these are being featured in the same gallery as David Goldblatt’s South Africa exhibition, which showed the horrors and impacts of the apartheid; truly powerful and educational shots.

To me her light circles are another series that represent the movement towards over manipulation of photographs and far-fetched concepts that need text to explain what on earth they are on about. You could not look at these and feel the same emotion as, for argument’s sake, when you look at Goldblatt’s saluting child (shown below). For me Goodin is just another contemporary artist trying to stretch the boundaries and explore deep and meaningful concepts that quite frankly, few people even care about.


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